!!new update!!

User Interface

UI of BIBOX is upgraded! Thanks to the upgraded UI, you can use BIBOX more easily and see information more clearly!!

Black Box

Scene sync problem between Recording and Playing time is resolved!


Finally, BIBOX is available in your nation! You can enjoy full service of BIBOX in your nation using GoogleMaps Bicycle APIs!


We fixed some unknown bugs for stabilization.

BIBOX is an application for bicycle riders. With this application on galaxy gear2, BIBOX functions both black box and navigation.

1. Blackbox

Black box is a mode that makes gear2 records through its built-in camera and by attaching the device on your bicycle handle, gear2 records in front of bicycle. When gear2 starts recording video, the recorded movie will be stored in smartphone memory in real time. You can check recorded video from smartphone. Recorded videos will be categorized into normal/accident video.


BIBOX is available in nations which is supported by googleMaps Bicycle APIs. If you set destination using smartphone, departure point is set to current location. And gear2 starts the guidance. When you deviate from course provided by your device, device will immediately reset your course based on current location with a message 'reseach'. So you can keep following the direction provided by the device.

Both black box and navigation functions run both individually and simultaneously.

BIBOX main BIBOX blackbox gallery BIBOX gear UI BIBOX navigation

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