BIBOX is an application for bicycle rider. With this application on galaxy gear2, BIBOX funtions both black box and navigation.

1. Blackbox

Black box is a mode that makes gear2 records through its built-in camera and by attaching the device on your bicycle handle, gear2 records in front of bicycle. When gear2 starts recording video, the recorded movie will be stored in smartphone memory in real time.

BIBOX main BIBOX blackbox


Right now, this mode is available only in Korea yet. If user set destination using smartphone, departure point is set to current location. And gear2 starts the guidance.

Both black box and navigation functions run both individually and simultaneously

BIBOX android main BIBOX blackbox gallary BIBOX navigation


  1. navigating all nations. : We'll support all nations by google Maps API as soon as possible.
  2. Guide movie with english : Right now, guide movie is recorded by korean. it will be translated into english.
  3. more accurate navigating. : navigation accuracy gets better and better.
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