Many of us can relate to the problem of finding a certain book whether it be for a University course or for our school or college needs. And naturally we have to resort to buying the book brand new or living with an outdated version if we buy it second hand. And what's funny is that most people never open that book after that course or class is over, and it ends up thrown in a secluded corner of the room forever. Such a waste of time and money. Sad isn't it? Well, no worries! For Bibliophile, we have designed a logo that reflects the emotions involved behind the act of sharing. Inspired by the shape of human heart, our logo aims to capture the joy to help and collaborate with others. We believe that sharing is caring and with Bibliophile we have created a platform that enables you to do just that. This core philosophy is reflected not only in our logo but also in our design language as well

What it does

Introducing, Bibliophile makes it seemless to find any book from the comfort of your house in just a couple of clicks! Just type the name of the book and Bibliophile will show you all the people who are willing to donate that book nearby. Select pickup location and that's it! And what's even better is that after you have read a book and no longer need it you can choose to donate it to help others looking for the same book. Its like becoming part of a community!

How I built it

We built this app using Google Maps, Firebase(cloud firestore, firebase authentication) and Flutter.

Challenges I ran into

Although I have worked on some web apps but I had no previous knowledge of flutter. I could not grasp at first how states work in flutter because the lifecycle of states is quite different from native android activity lifecycle. But I enjoyed the process of learning cool stuff about flutter.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I did not have much experience with NoSQL database like firebase. But it was quite nice to learn about it. Firebase provides the phone authentication and cloud storage which is really nice. And Google Maps integration was quite fun for me.

What I learned

I have learned a lot about

  • State management in flutter
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Firebase Authentication
  • Firebase Cloud Firestore ## What's next for Bibliophile I am hoping to improve its UI, add filters on books searching, try connecting libraries with it to expand or network of sharing.

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