small organizations tend to have a difficult time to find software easy and affordable to use, and we wanted to change this.

What it does

It allows a user to search for books via author, title or ISBN and then add them to their database to keep track of what books are in their library.

How I built it

we wrote it

Challenges I ran into

vertical centering in css, but actually everything was hard because we tried use firebase. We all tried to challenge ourselves by attempting to use tools and languages we weren't as familiar with which was fun.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

we have a platform that will allow us to continue to develop this into a scalable library management software that we hope to give to the community lgbt library of greensboro to make their management easier.

What I learned

we should have been more reasonable about using technologies we were already comfortable with.

What's next for BibliLGBT

We are definitely going to keep working on this. We plan to add a search feature for general users, an admin panel, and improve the site's aesthetic look while still keeping it simple.

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