Library linked data promises to meet libraries’ need for agility in content delivery and user engagement. This project chose BIBFRAME 2.0 to enable libraries to publish bibliographic resources in a way that Web understands, consume linked data to enrich the resources relevant to the libraries' user communities, and visualize networks across collections.

Consume, map, convert and visualize selected data sets for the music work of operas into BIBFRAME 2.0 and extended vocabularies

Alma, LC MARC to BIBFRAME Transformation Service, RDF Translator, RDF Validator, RDFa Validator, Apache Jena Fuseki Server, AngularJS2, APIs, etc.

Conversion from BIBFRAME 1.0 to 2.0 was manual process since LC MARC to BIBFRAME Transformation Service is for BIBFRAME 1.0

Build linked library data application for content enhancement and visualization using AngularJS 2,IMDB APIs and external linked data in 76 commits on 7 branches, 103 files consisting of about 8k lines of code.

Great team work

Visualization and Linked Library Data

What's next for BIBFRAME 2.0 for Library Info Spotlight

Expand data sets to cover more items

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