The team behind Bibbr is passionate about health, fitness and athletics. That means we, along with our friends, compete in racing events like running half-marathons. We champion this industry (pun intended), yet we feel it does leave much to be desired. Namely, the registration and marketplace that corresponds to these events is ripe for disruption.

Therefore, Bibbr plans to disrupt this billion dollar (and growing!) industry by offering a marketplace that is unique. The Bibbr platform provides additional solutions than what's industry-standard for registrants/participants when they run into issues, namely, when they can't use their race entry bib. At the heart of it, we will work with each event organizations and their systems to create a marketplace to buy/sell/transfer event bibs. No other company offers a way for re-selling and transfers.

Our target users are athletes and wanna-be athletes. We want to take out the pain of getting stuck with a race entry bib that can't be used (maybe due to injury or unfortunate circumstances). Also, we want to help race event organizations to improve their events with these capabilities that their participants extremely desire.

We are really proud of our use of many APIs. We hope the sponsors for LAUNCH Hackathon enjoy these integrations too!

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