Since COVID-19 has kept us at home, people have been a lot more inactive and stationary, and exercise has been a lot less magical. Children in particular need to be active to be able to healthily develop their bodies and cardiovascular systems. So in order to help, we created a fun, family friendly, and interactive way to promote exercise by allowing you to exercise with your favourite Disney Characters! I mean, who wouldn't want to exercise now??

What it does

Our app tracks the steps you take in a day, but gamifies it to encourage you to keep walking and to challenge yourself to meet daily step goals. You start off selecting a character to be your adventuring partner and as you walk, they do too in their own fantasy world. As you walk together, you can discover encounters and quests that prompt you to walk more for rewards and story progression. For example, you might pick up a quest to walk to grandma's house to deliver some food. Completing such a quest would requiring walking a certain distance. Once the quest is complete, you get a reward of coins to spend at the shop on ways to customize your adventurer friend!

How we built it

We started off by discussing what our MVP would be and what extra features we wanted to create if we had time. After that, we created mock ups of the screens and basic interactions on Figma. Once we had a clear plan, we created an Android Studio project and started hacking! We used the SensorManager API provided by Android to get the steps that our user has walked in order to drive our character forward. We made sure to communicate about what features each of us would work on and split the work accordingly.

Challenges we ran into

Most of our team had very little/no mobile development experience before this hackathon, so a significant challenge for us was learning how to build a mobile app from scratch, and navigating Android Studio. Another challenge that we frequently encountered was merge conflicts which were time consuming to resolve. It was also difficult to find assets for our application, so some time was spent manually converting JPGs into PNGs and finding assets that we could use online that fit nicely together. It was also more difficult to communicate and help each other online and remotely versus being together in person.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're really proud of building our first mobile app, and accomplishing it in under a day!

What we learned

We learned a lot of technical skills, including how to use Android Studio, how to leverage the SensorManager API to count steps, and how to design a mobile app. We also learned some less technical, but still extremely valuable lessons, like coordinating with each other on what files we're working on, and trying to avoid touching the same sections of code in order to minimize merge conflict potential.

What's next for BibbidiBobbidiFit

We have so many features we're excited about adding, including adding support for a more diverse variety of exercises that can be done at home such as push ups and squats. We also want to add further rewards and customization to encourage our users to keep exercising! These would include things like getting a pet to join your adventure, adding support for larger adventuring parties, and including more diverse maps and quest encounters for our users to explore.

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