Everyone in our team was interested in the gamification theme from the start, so after introducing ourselves, we jumped into brainstorming. We decided on a web-based RPG (role-playing game) after considering the languages each of us had prior experience with. Naturally, we wanted to educate users on a STEM concept. We landed on Boolean logic as our topic, since it is a core concept of computer science, but can be easily introduced to young students who have never coded before. After realizing that many of us loved reading and writing fantasy novels, the adventure genre was an evident choice that would also make the game engaging to kids.

What it does

Bibbidi Boppity Boolean is a web-based fantasy RPG that teaches kids (8-16) about Boolean logic, including and/or/nor/xor, numerical operators, if/then, and a glimpse of the rules of inference, using a series of puzzles connected by an adventure story.

How we built it

We used CSS layouts to put together a visually appealing design, JavaScript to make the game interactive, and HTML to bring it all together and host it. This project was collaboratively coded in

Challenges we ran into

Designing a gamified boolean algebra educational resource within a 44-hour time constaint so that people with no prior experience can learn it is a daunting interdisciplinary task. Boolean algebra is already a common struggle even among the best college students, let alone someone with no prior background. In addition to the usual obstacles of meeting specifications within tight deadlines, we had to revise our project over 100 times when considering the interactions between web development, UI/UX design, game design, and psychology of learning.

Miscommunication was a challenge, due to the virtual format. Throughout the hacking period, we were on voice calls as each of us were working, but communicating visual ideas verbally resulted in minor confusion about which file someone was talking about or which page someone was editing in the moment. However, with conversation and task organization, we were able to overcome this overarching challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the extensive detail of our game that we were able to create and refine within two days. From font selection, to button placements, from dialogue, to fantasy-themed puzzles, our game exudes creativity and keen attention to detail.

What we learned

Our team was a mix of both first-time hackers and more experienced coders. It was some of our team members' first time diving into web development, yet every single team member contributed to the code significantly. Aside from technical skills, we also learned how crucial task organization and delegation are when working in a team, especially under a strict time limit.

What's next for Bibbidi Boppity Boolean

We plan to add additional levels and delve further into discrete math. With our 6 puzzles, we just scratched the surface of the potential of our game. The ending shows a glimpse of the next setting, where the player could learn about concepts such as DeMorgan's law, tautologies, and the rules of inference.

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