Inspiration Our inspiration stemmed from facial recognition issues that we had been already researching about in the judicial and healthcare system.

What it does This website makes people more aware of an issue that has detrimental effects on society. Additionally it prompts the user to spread more information or sign up to learn more about it, therefore making it a more encouraging process along the way.

How we built it We made our website from scratch, first finding color schemes that will most attract the user, and making a flow in which the user can navigate easily throughout our website to become more aware.

Challenges Our biggest challenge was to complete everything on time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of being more self aware about the project. Making a website that we had envisioned! We are also amazed at the fact that we have spread the word to about 230 people and counting.

What we learned about potential dangers associated with using facial recognition technologies in the military.

What's next for Bias In Facial Recognition In warfare

The improvement of facial recognition technologies to reduce bias against ethnic groups, and potentially save lives in context of warfare.

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