So we realized that the habit of keeping a daily journal has almost decimated. In today's fast-paced world it becomes imperative for us to take some time for ourselves, introspect, and, well, be HAPPY!!!! Keeping a daily journal is a perfect way to keep track of your emotions!

What it does

Biary enables users to type in a daily journal and attach a selfie to it (coz nothing can make your journal more cool that your own beautiful face). The app then processes the input, carries out sentiment analysis, and keeps track of the user's mood based on the style of writing. If the app recognizes a streak or trend of negative trends, the app with prompt the user with appropriate messages and point them to resources. If the app recognizes positive trends, well, it encourages more of that good stuff!

How we built it

Built using React, Node, and Express, using GCP's NLP API

Challenges we ran into

Setting up GCP to work with our server gave us the most trouble. Further, we also experienced difficulty in inserting and removing data from our mongo database

Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned

We learned that sometimes to remove bugs all you need is a short nap.

What's next for Biary

  • More involved data analysis of journal entries
  • Ability to attach more documents
  • Running it locally to foster security
  • Use GCP Cloud Vision to analyze input images and provide relevant output
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