This is how we are give back to the world. I was truly inspired by the competition vision. Very much happy to develop an bi-healthcare app for every one.

What it does

This application as two portion one is the human activities through to improve environment health. Through the act the human takes which helps us to build greater society in the world with healthy people healthy environment with healthy behavior.

How I built it

I am using the Tracking network data API to use the object from the environment health public network. To consume the data from the api and build a application with maps and charts to make very easy way of knowing the result.

Challenges I ran into

The challenge I ran into is to getting the data from the API's to build an massive analysis on top that to bring an more effective app to illustration to the users.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The environmental health objective and the analysis what I done is proud of my accomplishment for this development.

What I learned

I learned so many things and the I go through different objective and learn what thus help us to build a great app.

What's next for BI-Healthcare

Bring some more features with create separate server to accomplish analyze part and bring more actives to support the society

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