Auditory Sciences makes a suite of communication products for people with disabilities. One of our products, Interact-AS, translates speech into text and likewise typing into speech. We very frequently receive requests to extend Interact-AS to also include the ability to translate sign language into speech; and likewise speech into sign language.

  • MISSION STATEMENT: Support Bi-directional translation of American Sign Language to and from spoken, typed or written American English.

  • STEP 1: Develop a bi-directional ASL - American English translation engine. This is NOT simply translating a spoken English word into sign language or a signed word into an English word. True translation involves extracting meaning from the sentences and reconstructing that meaning in the appropriate structure of the output language.

  • STEP 2: Present the generated output in the desired format. For example, the translation of spoken, typed or handwritten English is presented in sign language; and likewise the translation of sign langauge is presented as text and speech.

  • STEP 3: Integrate the new capability with Interact-AS’s already existing features. Examples include the ability to add new vocabulary to your system, create personalized voices, translate to and from foreign languages (e.g., Spanish) and to save all these and many additional features in individual User Accounts.

  • STEP 4: Deploy the new capability to help people throughout the world !!!

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