Inspiration-Research going on in the Electric vechile project and interest in this background.

What it does-A solution where electric vehicles can communicate with charging stations to provide automated information to EVS users in order to identify and reach out to the nearest charging station

What can EESL do to upscale adaption of e-mobility in India.

How we built it-Nearest Charging Station with vacant Charging point

A database is created where all the charging station and EV location are there.

The nearest among all the charging station for a particular EV is shown to the driver.

The information of the vacant charging point is shown .

Revenue to be generated is based on a dynamic pricing rule.

Extra facility of value added services are provided which is profitable to both the EV driver and the owner also. Prioritizing of charging stations based on distance and frequency of visit by the user.

In the database the information about the used charging station was saved which was available to that particular EV driver only.

The driver have the option to choose the shown charging point or the other one. The one mostly used charging point by that driver will be offered with certain discount. Generation from renewable sources:-

Solar energy was used to generate power(by MPPT Algorithm) and Matlab Simulink model was simulated for the same for constant DC voltage output.

The energy was stored in the battery energy storage system so that it can be used in off grid period.

Extra high revenue can be generated from this method.

Grid can be powered through this and revenue can be collected to increase the use of charging station.

Challenges we ran into- About the business model and revenue generation

Accomplishments that we're proud of- Attended the hackathon and learnt alot regarding the usage of electric vechile and how can we increase the use of it.

What we learned- The proposition of business model of usage of electric vechile and user interfacing.

What's next for Bhisutians- we will try to improve the existing ones and improve the usage of charging station by implementing our idea.

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