How we're gonna save the world with Bill Nye

As any young person in this country, I grew up watching Bill Nye videos. He is by far one of my favorite scientists.

Lately He has been a strong advocate to raise awareness about climate change and we can do to save our planet. He got a Netlifx show, two days ago, and it was amazing. In one of the episodes he said something that really resonated with me.

The only reason we still depend on fossil fuels is because of political reasons, not because of the technology is not available or because it is too expensive. He said a big way to get the ball rolling, is to vote in politicians who do not face away from the facts, and are not climate change deniers. I couldn't agree more.

This is why our hack is here to easily inform voters if their representative is being proactive or not. Because what most my age fail to realize is that the election is not just about the president, but about congressman.

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