I found myself stuck one day when three small payments went our taking me over my overdraft limit. I needed to find £400 before 2.30pm otherwise I would be charged £75 in bank charges and have to deal with the returned payments. I had money coming in 5 days time but I needed it straight away. As it was I happened to mention it to a cousin of mine and he agreed to give me the money. I agreed to pay him back + £20 in 5 days time as he had saved me £75.

However it can be awkward putting friends and family on the spot with those kind of conversations. I had seen that Tinder took the rejection out of online dating and thought there was an opportunity to do the same thing out of borrowing money from friends and family. This is how www.bfflend.com was born.

The site allows you to create a circle of friends and family who know you well. Should you find yourself in need of money urgently you simply enter the amount and when you can pay it back into the website and an sms is immediately sent to your family and friends using Nexmo. As part of the process you agree to pay back the amount you borrowed plus £10. Though family and friends don't lend you money to make money we are confident you are more likely to be offered them money by offering a nominal amount as a thank you.

By clicking on the link in the sms any member of your family or friends can simply click on the button on the website to say they will help and are given your bank details to send the money. Once they have sent it they simply click on another button and you receive an alert saying Uncle Bob has sent you the £300 you needed. A positive experience.

When the money is due to be repaid you receive another SMS reminder and Uncle Bob's bank details. Overtime people will be able to see you have been a reliable lender and more are likely to help you as when you need it.

We hope to eventually charge £1/loan and also expand the service to meet the needs of richer families and friends circles with correspondingly higher charges.

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