Many people I have met, including myself and my girlfriend, have suffered, at least one point in their life at CMU, by building and room numbers. Students, especially incoming freshman, just don't know where rooms are located. Of course, a lot of the students go out early on the first day of school and take time to find where their lecture is at. Yet, people who couldn't go to sleep the day before the first day of school due to the excitement will find themselves waking up late to class. And nobody wants to start their first day of class with a tardy. In fact, first impression tends to last, so being late to class on the first day could potentially affect whether the student wants to keep on attending the lecture in the future.

So I thought about how I could improve this. I thought about how students could be prepared before the first day of school, and not get stressed. Then, I came up with this idea of making a virtual campus and letting students roam around the campus to register where exactly they will go next morning.

What it does

It creates a virtual campus and let students find their lecture location.

How I built it

Using Unity and c#

Challenges I ran into

Using some commands in Unity because this was my first time using it, and first time making a VR simulator.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Using Unity the first time and making VR simulator, which was my dream come true. I've always wanted to make a VR simulator, but I never got a chance. I've tried doing it using Processing and Three.js, but I ended up with nothing. This was a really dream-come-true moment.

What I learned

VR simulators are easier to make than one might think.

What's next for BFDS (Before First Day of School)

Integrating Google Earth and Google Map so that it has a navigation menu.

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