We were inspired by our own experiences surrounding our own struggles with society's perception of body image. Being young girls ourselves growing up in the digital age, we wanted to help find a solution or something to relieve the stress.

What it does

This app is a way to combat the social issues which arise when constantly being surrounded by "perfect people". It alleviates pressure by being a constant reminder to the user to look after themselves and love their bodies.

How I built it

We started with our idea of an inclusive, welcoming environment and decided what we would like if we wanted an app to get away from social media. We built it on a webpage with a mobile app format in mind, using html, css, javascript.

Challenges I ran into

Our team are amateur at coding. Without a strong foundation, we were still able to produce a website. There were definitely problems with the navigation bar and photos aligning which couldn't be resolved in time however we are going to work on the website for longer. With time, we can smoothen the creases. Our team are very amateur but were enticed by the challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We enjoyed learning html and css very much and this project was definitely motivational in our learning progress. Furthermore, we have both never worked as a team on a project like this. We worked very well together, constantly checking up on each other and helping find solutions.

What I learned

We learned the basics of html, how to style a webpage and how to incorporate an idea into code (which we found to be the hardest!). We also pushed ourselves and included image maps and lists from user inputs.

What's next for beYOUtiful app

The 2 days felt very short and we want to continue improving the design and features on the app. We are young girls inspired by women in STEM and are hoping to pursue this in our future.

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