Inspiration For most parents, their world revolves around their child. Their whole life is turned upside down when their dear one is gone missing. It is shocking to know that every year more than a million children go missing. In India alone, 174 children go missing every day. Only about 40% of them are ever found again.

Children aged between 3-10 can go missing in a highly crowded area. When authorities find these children, because of their young age, these children can't recall the name, contact info, and address of their parents. This makes it difficult for the authorities

What it does Beyound is an eCommerce platform that sells QR code jewelry that helps to get your child back when they are lost. A QR code is added to jewelry like a necklace/bracelet so that when the code is scanned, it shows the name, phone number, and address of the parent.

If a child wearing the Beyound QR code jewelry goes missing in a crowd, the authorities just need to scan the QR code get the contact info of their guardian. The owner also gets notified (through a phone call and a whatsapp text) of the exact location of the scan

In order to improve user engagement, for every successful order that is placed, the user is given a chance to enter a raffle. If their scancount matches the lucky number in the backend, then they would be given a special gift card

Target audience Children between the age of 3-10 and older parents over the age of 70. Because of their age, both these age groups have trouble recalling the name, contact info, and address of their caretaker

Openscreen Interactions QR Code generation When the user clicks on a 'Generate QR' button, it created an asset and a corresponding QR code. A unique link having the details of the child is added as an intent A verification is then done to check if the qr code is properly generated From that the qr code id and the asset id is extracted for further use A contact object based on the guardian's contact info is then created

Workflow when a QR Code is scanned The scanid is fetched from the query parameter Based on the scanid, the entire details of the qrcode is extracted. This includes the time of scan, location, region, latitude and longitude etc Whenever a scan is made, the owner of the QRCode is notified through a automated call and a whatsapp notification

Raffle system In order to improve user engagement, everytime a customer places an order, then would be added to a raffle system The user would be redirected a site and the scanid is fetched from the query parameter Based on the scanid, the entire details of the qrcode is extracted.If the scancount matches with the randomly generated lucky number in the backend, that customer would win the lucky draw

Twilio Interactions When a child is missing, a parent will have to contact the local authorities, neighbours, friends and family. But finding each number and manually calling each person is time consuming and difficult in the state of panic. They may also forget to mention critical information. In order to solve this, automated the entire process It also sends an automated call and message to the owner, whenever the qr code of a missing child is scanned

How we built it Django - Backend framework Twilio - For sending message and call notifications Stripe - Payment Gateway system sqlite3 - Database used Openscreen -Dynamic qr code Bootstrap and css- For styling Javascript

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