Our inspiration was to take the svg format for 2d graphics and make a version for 3d that kept all the benefits!

What it does

Our project defines a format for 3d models that allows us to have an "infinite" resolution while keeping a file size that is incredibly small.

How we built it

We coded the project purely in Swift 3.0.

Challenges we ran into

The hardest parts of this hackathon were translating the complex math into working code. Debugging this program was particularly challenging because when there were errors in the output, it was hard to trace through the math to find the source of the error.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We ended up with a format capable of generating meshes with such high resolution that they crash 3d modeling programs.

What we learned

We came into this hackathon knowing nothing about bezier surfaces, and were able to make a complicated polygonizer.

What's next for Beyondagon

Our next plans include compressing our model formats to make them even smaller, as well as writing plugins for major 3d modeling software to allow easier editing of curve files. We also want to improve our texture support.

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