The idea of space travel always feels fascinating. NASA's recent project(Perseverance Rover)which took human names to Mars and also issued boarding passes for fellow humans initiated loads of hope and curiosity which was the inspiration for this web-app

What it does

This website is for booking tickets for exoplanet travel. Users can choose their starting location from one of the spaceport options and decide their location as well as book their seats on various rocket options available.

How we built it

Used Balsamiq for making initial wire frames and designing and built the web-app using React framework with some teamwork

Challenges we ran into

There were no sufficient APIs available related to names of exoplanet, spaceship images, or generation of tickets. In addition, there was a massive time difference between all members of the project. We have programmers working from the United States, India, and even Algeria! Managing our sleep schedules and coordination was very tough.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to deploy the web-app within 36 hours of hacking time! Most of our programmers learned how to use React from scratch! Utilized our time efficiently throughout different time-zones!

What we learned

Learnt about React and more about how the framework works. Learnt more about Space travel and about existing planets and exoplanets in the universe. Learnt about video creation, design, and editing.

What's next for Beyond

We would like to expand our web-app to more spaceports, to more parts of the universe, various other planets and ultimately achieve something BEYOND human thinking could.

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