Space is the final frontier. And we are driven by the desire to learn what can be hidden there.

Unfortunately, we live in densely populated cities where stargazing opportunities are limited because of light pollution.

We want to look into deep space, explore the nebulas, star systems, and galaxies, wherever we are on this planet.

What it does

Our dapp allows a user to create and publish an NFT with astronomical objects on the RMRK Singular marketplace.

Dapp also works with Statemine for authorization tokens and for control and data management. You can do the following actions:

  1. Choose your Kusama account
  2. Purchase an authorization token (Statemine) with your credit card or KSM
  3. Pay the token to launch the telescope to move to the desired position and send extrinsic hash to the backend
  4. Our backend listens to a transaction (token transfer extrinsic in Statemine) and sends a command to move the telescope to the right position
  5. Telescope confirms the position is ready and our backend triggers the shutter
  6. The night sky photo is sent back to our backend, uploaded to IPFS and NFT is minted
  7. You can see the result in the dapp or on RMRK Singular directly

How we built it

Our friends from AtacamaScope have connected one of the best telescopes from Celestron to the Internet and placed it in the Atacama desert. Some of the best stargazing opportunities exist there!

During this hackathon, we have set up the connection to the telescope remotely by sending coordinates to it via The telescope’s tripod is equipped with a motor and changes its position accordingly.

When the telescope takes a picture of deep space, our service uploads it to IPFS and issues an NFT of it using RMRK Singular.

Challenges we ran into

Web2 and Web3 worlds connectivity was required for this project and this was the main challenge we solved (integration with telescope API, payment gateway):

  1. Authorization scheme for telescope access with the use of Statemine token
  2. Payment system and token issuance based on credit card transaction

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Connected AtacamaScope educational project to Web3 technology stack
  2. Analyzed the landscape of Web3 technologies to use as much of the Web3 tech stack as we could
  3. As primarily backend engineers, we practiced our frontend skills :)

What we learned

  1. How to create an NFT on the RMRK platform programmatically
  2. Astronomical objects catalogs, their characteristics, and visibility time
  3. Brush up on our Spanish :)

What's next for First Beyond the Sky

We plan to launch this service publicly in December 2021 so that all of you can connect to the telescope and issue an NFT of deep space. We support exact coordinates and you can explore the cosmos freely. But we also will curate a list of objects that are most clearly visible to make the experience easier for you. We will even have a random feature for those of you feeling lucky! :)

Obviously, the telescope can only work at night, when there are no clouds. And it takes time for it to move and take the next picture. Therefore, the number of NFTs in this collection will be limited by the time this experience will be active during this holiday season.

Built With

  • kusama
  • rmrk
  • statemine
  • substrate
+ 4 more
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