After seeing close relatives and family friends suffer from visual impairment, our group decided to create a company that would sell products that would aid the visually impaired and make them more independent. Thus, SightCane was born, a company that provides technological services and products to aid the visually impaired.

What it does

Our device measures the distance to intercept from obstacles and alerts the user. If an object is within 5 feet of the device, the device will emit a constantly beeping high pitched tone. The closer you get to the object, the faster the tone will beep. At approximately 1 foot from the object, the buzzer in the the device will begin to emit a continuous high pitch. If there is no obstacle detected within 5 feet, the deice will emit a low pitch, constant buzz to alert the user that the device is still on and functional. To advertise our device, we created a web page under a .tech domain in which we explain what our product is through text, pictures, and a video, our vision for the Beyond Sight company, our team, FAQ's, the product pricing, and contact information.

How we built it

The device uses Arduino Uno, which we were able to borrow and learn how to use during the Arduino Seminar. We programmed it using the Arduino Web Editor. For input, we use a ping ultrasonic range finder sensor, and for output, we use a Piezo buzzer. To protect the hardware, we recycled a cardboard box and branded it. Due to technical limitation, we researched and used GoDaddy to create a website under a .tech domain.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a multiple problems, mainly in the programming. For instance, we had issues with the logic of our program that resulted in different buzzing noises at different distances then specified. We ran into trouble trying to implement ideas we had due to limitations in available hardware. Additionally, due to the promo code not allowing us to create a free .tech domain, we had to persevere and find another way of creating a .tech domain website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of persevering and using creativity to come up with different ways of making our idea work. We had to ask multiple staff members for hardware. We continuously improved and made the device and concept better from our original idea. Lastly, because we came up with this idea and completed it in such a short period of time, we are very proud of our accomplishment.

What we learned

We learned how to wire and program an Arduino board, how to use domains, how to market a product, and how to manage time and materials effectively.

What's next for SightCane?

To make the device more user friendly, we would like to improve the method of alerting by having a person's voice announce the exact distance from the obstacle. We want to be able to use the sensor to scan the surroundings and record obstacles for future reference. This would allow for the product to communicate to the user not only how far the obstacle is but a suggested course of action. Further, a network can be established between devices in which the devices can share what they have learned about the environment in different locations.

Built With

  • arduino-uno
  • breadboard
  • godaddy-domain-service
  • piezo-buzzer
  • ping-ultrasonic-range-finder
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