COVID-19 was classified as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization on March 11, 2020. The virus was first identified in Wuhan, China and ultimately affected the lives of millions. Many people are experiencing drastic changes in their lives – losing loved ones, jobs, friends and the sense of safety. Due to this, I and many others in this community began thinking “How can we connect individuals, communities, organizations and nations to unite and bring people together through a virtual solution during isolation?”

Mission Statement

BeyondReality is a web-based organization that strives to help people find comfort while interacting with others on social media. An experience that provides individuals to start conversations about their personal experiences associated with Coronavirus. This would be an opportunity for people impacted to share their experiences and enlighten others with some of their experiences.

Our organization originates on which serves as the anchor to support the people who need it the most. Providing people with a resource to connect with others across the world and form an environment in which everyone’s voice will be heard while responsibly maintaining the safety precautions associated with COVID. Building a strong beacon of hope for everyone affected by the virus and showcasing how we as a global community can come together and create a safe platform to share stories, words of strength and building strong connections.

We are the ones who can make a difference, by creating organizations and groups that come together to create a change in this society.

Features and Functionality

The unique features used throughout the website includes:

  • Database Collections: This feature helps organize and manage site data using the built-in database on WIX. Databases are included for storing members and user data, the blog and the forums page to organize and display the information collected.

  • Secret Manager: The secret manager feature is used to securely store secrets such as API keys, passwords, and private information. The use of secrets is used to maintain and keep the passwords for the users to login to the forums safe and protected.

  • HTML/CSS: Multiple cases throughout the website, I have integrated HTML code to use different features. For instance, chart.js is integrated into the corvid stories page to display the number of posts for each category.

Website Includes

  • coVid STORIES: A blog-based webpage, which allows users to share stories regarding COVID. This could be a survival story, how you're spending your day alone, with family or friends, loss story, or your experience with getting tested. This is to bring people together during a time of heightened fear, anxiety and isolation. These stories are to provide hope and a sense of safety to the people that need it the most. The user can upload a post through the forms, which will automatically be posted, the user can choose which type of posts to read and the chart displays the number of posts for each category.

  • groUps: Through the groups page a member can access the different forums with the use of the passwords emailed to the member registration email. This gives every member the opportunity to join a conversation that they may be interested in and create friends in a forum-based application.

Challenges I ran into

With the web-based application developed on WIX Corvid with a short timeline and a big goal, it was inevitable for a few bumps on the road. Through resilience, communication and a helpful WIX Community on the forums page, I was able to overcome many challenges:

  • Lack of access to some desired APIs and external databases that include coVid-19 statistics.

  • Several API’s are not ready to be used by third-party sites.

  • Insufficient time for implementing unique, interactive features.

  • Getting in contact with other users to help me spread the message.

What's next for BeyondReality

I plan to continue the social campaign to try and expand the BEYONDREALITY community, to achieve a minimum of 30 posts per day on the different forums. I hope to create posts that will encourage and influence others to share their story and allow others to share and communicate with people who may need a friend. I will continue reaching out to the influencers, front-line workers and everyone impacted directly by the virus to amplify the movement. Many enhancements will be done on the website to include integration to other social media pages, surveys and polls that will lead to further engagement.

Let BeyondReality virtually connect you to others beyond the barriers.

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