A few months ago, I heard about another keyboard layout, dvorak, that was supposedly more efficient and faster than QWERTY! Upon further investigation, I found many other layouts that all promised the same things - efficiency and speed. I made this app so people can easily try other layouts without fiddling with annoying settings.

What it does

Open the site and flick the switch. Your keyboard (in qwerty) has just been transformed into a keyboard in dvorak. Type around and test it out!

How I built it

HTML for the structure, CSS for the style, and Javascript for the functionality.

Challenges I ran into

I thought of this idea at 11pm at night so I didn't have too much time to complete it. My knowledge of CSS is also pretty low but at least I had w3schools.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of just making a project that is functional on my own.

What I learned

  1. Think of ideas earlier.
  2. Be better at coding.

What's next for Beyond QWERTY

I will add more layouts than just dvorak (colemak, azerty?).

Built With

  • html5-javascript-css3
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