School is boring least this is what the kids are saying. On the other hand there are people that would love to share their skills and knowledge. How would be to bring those stakeholder together using digital tools.

What it does

Kids want to be inspired to learn. However, many teacher don't know how accompany this in their daily school routine. We want to use the little time available to offer meaningful digital learning experience. The core of this experience is the interdisciplinary learning with known project methods as well as digital tools to teach kids communication skills.

How we built it

Web platform

Challenges we ran into

Teacher don't understand the value that lies in an alternative way of transferring relevant knowledge. The appropriate motivation for kids to join.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First test run learned a lot and it was fun.

What we learned

There is a need to continue. There is no business like school business.

What's next for beyond school

Build function web platform, interviews with stakeholders to understand needs

Built With

  • heart
  • soul
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