My inspiration for this app was seeing other swifties make games for Taylor Swift. I thought it would be a good idea to make my own for this hackathon.

This fun free app teaches you all about Taylor Swift! Her life, career, and personal relationships.

I built the app with app studio. was an amazing website for building my app and they had step-by-step guides.

One challenge that I ran into was getting the app to run properly at first.

An accomplishment that I’m proud of is building a functional app for my first hackathon in a limited time period.

I learned that coding an app is harder than I thought. Especially with a time limit. Even with instructions provided you still have to figure out a lot of stuff by your self and go through trial and error.

What's next for All about Taylor Swift: The Game. I will share the game with swifties on twitter so they can play too.

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