I stumbled on a twitter thread titled, Become Beyonce's assistant don't get fired; it's was twitter thread designed like a choose your adventure story game, readers had to click a tweet they thought was the correct answer to a question in order to move on to the next question.

However if you failed in the process, Queen Bee will send her lawyers to hand you a termination letter ASAP. I thought it was fun so I started tinkering on the idea of possibly turning this into a game.

What it does

This game consists of questions with multiple options in which one of them is the right answer, this questions are basically Beyonce related, so you need to know a thing or two about Beyonce to eventually make it to the final question and claim your badge of victory.

In addition, you can get to play popup mini games to improve your score at different periods in the game. At the end you can share your assistant badge on social media and also challenge your friends to play the game.

How I built it.

Built with HTML5 games, CSS, Bootstrap, REACT and NODE JS

Challenges I ran into

Time was one major challenge, because we assembled a team quite late and it was really difficult to carry everybody along during that process.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's 5 am my local time, deadline day and I am still trying to fill this form in order to submit. If you asked me 24 hours ago if I'd go on to submit this, I will tell you I was unmotivated but not submitting was not an option. Sounds funny, but challenging my fears is one accomplishment I am really proud of.

What I learned

Had to improve my responsive design skills and also master JS very well - (I made the front-end)

What's next for BeyHive

We are preparing to improve the UI and add more functionalities, launch a first official version on the web and also add it to Facebook instant games.

We realized how people love to play choose your adventure story games, so in the future expect more titles and thrills.

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