At the University of Toronto, we play a lot of Beer Pong, and we've always wanted a way to keep track of and see who the best pong player in the residence is. Instead of al the hearsay and trying to remember past games, I wondered if there was an easy way to log matches and find out who the champion is. So I came up with a simple app to see who you're Bettr than in your local area.

The idea is simple:

  1. Make an account to keep track of your games history.
  2. Create rooms that are only visible in the local proximity. (It's irrelevant to me who's playing in New Jersey).
  3. Get together 2 players and a referee to minimize conflict and simplify judging
  4. The referee starts the game when everyone is ready.
  5. The referee selects the winner of the match.
  6. Stats are locally ranked.


I am proud of the fact that I did the whole project by myself in my spare time, and learned how to use Firbase (baas), something that I always wanted to try for future projects.

What's next for Bettr

For the Hackathon, I've put together the skeleton and the MVP for the rooms system. I would like to expand the idea further by implementing location based queries. I'd also like to add different categories for, say, pingpong, foosball, etc. Finally, I'd like to explore other ways of creating a simpler fair and conflict-proof judging system.

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