We live in a fast changing world, especially in times of crisis we have to adapt to new realities and situations frequently.

From one day to another our lives, our work, our social life and our parenting changed. We need new solutions for many new challenges - new value chains, new work setups, new education, new... new... new...

Hackathons like #EUvsVirus show there is a tremendous amount of creativity and solidarity to work together and find innovative solutions.

Collaboration is the key to master those challenges. We are #bettertogether.

What it does

An open innovation platform to connect challenges to natural problem solvers, like entrepreneurs, makers, innovators and startups.

  1. People and organisations post problems & challenges on the platform and share it on social networks.
  2. Everyone can upvote challenges and show demand.
  3. The community a) identifies existing solutions b) forms teams to create solutions
  4. The teams update about the progress of development
  5. The solutions are delivered on the marketplace

How I built it

Just early concept stage right now. The validation of the problem and solution was done with a typeform survey within the hackathon participants.

Challenges I ran into

I joined another team with a similar idea and more progress, but it was cancelled during day one due to missing alignment of team and vision.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I kept going and validated at least the idea.

What I learned


What's next for #bettertogether - Open Innovation for everyone

Developing the concept and a landingpage to validate the idea. Build an MVP to post challenges and solutions. Build a community of entrepreneurs, makers, innovators,... to contribute to the solutions = use the momentum of the hackathons to keep going.

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