Everyday VPN services are used by millions of people in countries across the globe. A VPN helps users bypass internet restrictions such as censored or Geo-restricted content while providing anonymity by masking their IP address and location. We believe freedom to access information online is a basic right. Betternet Technologies Inc. is the team behind the Betterspot project. As smart devices and IoT are quickly and inevitably becoming part of our daily lives, the need for a safe, secure and a fast VPN service becomes essential. We noticed it had become a challenge to find a VPN app that works on all your devices, in the home or at the office.

What it does

To meet this challenge, Betternet decided to create Betterspot, a device which easily connects to your router providing VPN functions to all of your WiFi devices such as tablets, smart phones, laptops, PCs, etc. Betterspot is compatible with various operating systems such as Windows, Ubuntu, OS X, Android, iOS, Blackberry,etc. By supporting Betterspot, you are supporting a device which will provide security, privacy and freedom of information to millions. By using Betterspot, you yourself may find the internet quite simply, better.

How I built it

We’d like to say that Betterspot was the result of a “eureka” moment, however we think the reality is far more interesting. Through inspiring feedback we were able to construct a product that meets all your demands. We realized that Betternet users enthusiastically require using Betternet on all of their smart devices such as smart TVs, Windows phones, Mac computers, Blackberries and Apple TVs, but unfortunately VPN apps cannot be installed on all these devices.

As we traveled abroad we were faced with online restrictions and censorship. This encouraged us to design Betternet, a VPN service that has now more than 40 million users. To ensure we were on the right path during each stage of development we engaged our users across the globe. The first stop was China where we asked our users for feedback about Betternet VPN, which in turn further encouraged us to develop the hardware. Thanks to our customers’ comments, we had a new idea: a device you could simply connect all your smart devices to. A device that is small, portable, easy to use and empowered with our award winning Premium VPN service: Betternet. By running the VPN for your smart device, Betterspot will reduce the exhaustion of your smart devices' battery life.

Challenges I ran into

Finding a tier-one manufacturing partner was our first and foremost challenge. Therefore, we decided to negotiate with more than one manufacturer. We also tried hard to keep a good balance between the quality and specs of the device. Optimizing the VPN protocol on our hardware to get the most of it was our other challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have over 5 years of experience providing secure VPN services for more than 40 million users around the globe. Our team has proven its place as your first VPN choice on the world wide web.

What I learned

We learned that hardware is hard but sweet and during the two years from idea to production we learned a lot including manufacturing process, embedded development, running a crowd funding campaign, marketing.

What's next for Betterspot

Betterspot tries hard to improve privacy and security. We believe that everyone deserves to have safe internet and we do our best to bring this to everyone.

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