We simply got the idea of this platform by chatting in a telegram channel themed on Terra. We were brainstorming some ideas until we got a solid one in order to maximize the use of anchor protocol and connect deeply with the rest of the ecosystem. So we funded a team together and started working on it.

What it does

BetTerra is building a DAO Betting-Platform on top of Terra Blockchain. Our first objective is connect this gamified-platform to other dApps on Terra, also educate the user through a gamified option by giving to them a public library full of resources in order to do his own research about the whole Terra Ecosystem. We are going to deliver a series of online betting games, that accrues yield through anchor protocol, something that the community is asking for. Also being a DAO platform the community can guide the platform through the way to get improved by itself. By introducing a DAO token, the users will be capable of being rewarded for every prize the platform delivers. Also, when a prize is delivered BetTerra is going to contribute sending a percentage of the prize to Angel Protocol.

We are going to have price prediction of terra and mirrored crypto assets (long and short term) custom bets, sportsbook bets, and casino games like poker, blackjack, roulette, slots machines and many custom games. Also we are going to integrate NFTs to our games, giving the platform a bunch of ways to accrue value for the users.

BetTerra is focusing on integrate and interacts with almost every protocol on Terra that can be used to improved a decentralized betting and gaming platform.

How we built it

We are building on Terra using rust language in smart contracts that are going to be interacted by the front end games.

Challenges we ran into

Definetly the most hard challenge was build a Team from 0 and no budget.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We passed the first round of Delphi labs Terra Hackathon Also we have a growing community and a huge load of people interested on our platform for being released.

What we learned

We have learned so many things by far like how hard is build a whole project with almost no budget from 0. Also we have discovered a big community that is claiming a project like ours.

What's next for BetTerra

Next for BetTerra is delivering a website, keep growing the community, deliver the roadmap and the first phase of the project to be tested. Front end is almost done, waiting for the game contracts which are on the way.

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