I wanted to keep track of something new I learned everyday but there was too much friction to get started. I wanted to create a simple and easy to use application to force me to self reflect on a daily basis. We set out to create BetterMe, a platform to help anyone create and develop strong habits to keep them happy and healthy.

What it does

It reminds you to complete a task and follows up to confirm that you have completed it. Requires a confirmation "yes" or "no because..." from you to stop texting you. Our goal is to provide a platform that is simple and easy to use but also is a very powerful tool in improving your life.

Remind to...

  • take medication
  • call/text a friend
  • read 1 page
  • practice guitar for 10 min

Self reflection...

  • favorite moment of the day?
  • what did you learn today?

How I built it

We used Firebase to store the data (users, reminders, and follow ups). Twilio for the texting and Nodejs with cron jobs to run the backend. Posted it on our domain.

Challenges I ran into

Dealing with dates is not easy, we had to make sure we were encompassing each reminder down to the minute we were on. Also parsing the text input from the user, making sure we could handle multiple cases yet provide a simple flow.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a fun and simple tool (that works!) where people can really transform and improve their lives.

What I learned

The best way to structure a database to deal with time pertinent information. We learned the best way was to create a table that almost acted like a queue.

What's next for BetterMe

Developing a web portal where you can view graphs and analytics of your tracking data or journaling. Using Watson APIs to provide more insight into how you're feeling over time.

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