As a new graduate (class of 2017) and Computer Science major, looking back on my courses I remember times when I left the class unsure of what I had been taught. Intimidated by the sea of students staying back to ask questions, the 10 minute block between that and my next class, and of course, forgetting the question or feedback I had a day later were problems I faced.

On the final day of the semester, SOME professors would provide standard bubble questionnaires. By that time many students are simply eager to leave class for the holiday, and may not answer the question to their best ability, or may have forgotten specific things throughout the semester.

What it does

Better Lecture allows students to converse with a Chatbot that asks students questions pertaining to that day's lecture. It can be done at any time, and will allow students to provide professors with frequent feedback throughout the semester.

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

I had a bit of difficulty with integrating the webhooks with Cisco Spark and API.AI, which were essential in connecting the bots to the database.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that I created a bot!

What I learned

What's next for BetterLecture

-Continue coding!

  • Creating a dashboard for professors to monitor and track the positivity/negativity of reviews, and trends which may help them to improve their lectures and accommodate students.
  • CurriculumBot! Aiming to create a syllabus based chatbot that can help students answer any questions.
  • Partnerships with Universities!

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