We were inspired by the website GoodOnYou link, which provides a rating for fashion companies to help consumers make more sustainable and ethical purchases. However, the website is not well known and retrieving company information can be a tedious process especially if you shop multiple websites often. We wanted to provide a quicker way to retrieve the GoodOnYou ratings. In addition, we wanted to provide more environmentally friendly product alternatives to make it easier to purchase sustainably.

What it does

Betterfly is a Chrome Extension that provides a company rating and shows similar sustainable products to the current product. It checks through GoodOnYou to see if the company has a rating and shows the rating as a popup. Using Poshmark, it looks for similar second-hand alternatives, and finds partnered retailers for local alternatives.

How we built it

To retrieve the information from GoodOnYou, we referenced a GitHub repository which scraped the website for each company and its rating. We used JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to code the Chrome extension.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into time constraints trying to implement all the things we had planned. We didn't run the code to fully scrape the data from GoodOnYou. We also didn't have time to use the Poshmark data scraper we found on Web Automation link.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is our first time coding a Chrome Extension! We had a lot of fun learning about how to encourage sustainable purchasing and reflected on our own purchasing habits.

What we learned

All the brands we buy from are not very sustainable, however there are many alternatives that are!

What's next for Betterfly

We plan to continue on using data scrapers to finish creating a database with the GoodOnYou company ratings. We also want to implement the Poshmark data scraper on Web Automation. In the future, we plan on adding a button that suggests charities the consumer can donate to with each purchase.

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