We all need to become more economical drivers, however most of us forget that the moment we get in our car. We thought that rewarding users with actual money will be enough of an incentive to turn them into better drivers.

What it does

Every month you can enter a contest to become a Better Driver than the rest of our users. To enter you pay $5. For entire month our app analyses every trip you take looking at parameters such as: fuel economy, breaking and accelerating style, efficiency and assigns a score to it. At the end of the month we average all your scores, users who scored in the top 50% of our users get their $5 back and another $5 bonus, the bottom half walks away with nothing.

How I built it

The application is a native iOS app powered by data from users Vinli device, our backend is hosted on platform and we use Mastercard API for payments.

Challenges I ran into

Time pressure, the we really wanted to build a complete app, but turns out: 2 people * 24hrs * numerous cups of coffee = working app! :)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We built a working prototype of an app in less than 24hrs in a team of just two people

What I learned

We've learned that by combining a couple of API's we could create something that can actually change people's driving habits. We've surveyed a number of people during the hackathon and great majority said they'd definitely use our app.

What's next for BetterDriver.Club

We really hope we can submit the app to the AppStore within next couple of weeks. First and foremost we'll need to make sure the app looks decent - we already found a designer. Second we need to make sure all the integrations work as we want them to, we'll talk to the API partners afterwards.

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