We notice that nowadays people may feel physically and emotionally insecure when going out on the first date after being matched one existing apps like Tinder. We want to solve this.

In the long term, we envision a future where people will live, work, play and of course, date, in the Metaverse. So we want to design an inclusive environment that help remove these insecurities so that people can be connected with their potential true love regardless of their look, race or physical distance.

Problem Statement

  1. People are often anxious before the first date, fearing the conversation will be awkward
  2. Some may even fear for their physical safety if they are meeting with a complete stranger
  3. "Who you are is more important than how you look".

What it does

Vinder is Tinder + VR first date. It allows user to get matched and then have their first date in VR. There are many interactable objects in the dating room so users can have fun conversation in a safe and fun environment.

How we built it

  • Device: Two Facebook Oculus Quest 2 Headsets
  • Front End: Unity 3D
  • Back End: Firebase for matching data; Photon Pun 2 for VR Networking

This app is built using Android and works standalone on Oculus. Meaning that once you install it on your Oculus

Challenges we ran into

  • oof, it's a long story, I will get back to this later

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • It works!

What we learned

What's next for Vinder

  • Safety features such as report to reduce toxic behaviors
  • Character Customization to let user express themselves
  • More interactive rooms and mechanics!

Sebastian Yang Senior @ CMU Major in Information Systems + Statistics and Machine Learning Minor in Game Design + Business Mixed Reality Research Assistant at Augmented Perception Lab Virtual Reality Research Team Lead at Cognitive Development Lab President at Game Creation Society Website:

Arshin Jain Senior @ CMU Majoring in Computer Science and Human-Computer Interaction Product & Engineering @ Museo Research Engineer @ Chimps Lab Website:

Video made under extreme stress and time constraints, will be improved : )

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