The Problem

  • A nursing home’s experience is not fully taken advantage of by contemporary technologies, leading to problems with:
    • Stress
    • Communication failure
    • Refilling prescriptions
  • BetterCare is a web based application that clients, patients, and caretakers use in order to effectively monitor the day-to-day events and to keep a close connection with the patient.

Technologies Used

  • Google Cloud Vision API
  • Google Cloud Translation API
  • 8Base Development Platform
  • Vue.js + Vuetify Design Framework

How Does BetterCare Simplify Healthcare?

  • Negligence and inefficient practices are very commonplace in assisted care facilities
  • Automatic prescription checker
    • Clients, Patients, and caretakers will be able to accurately and efficiently keep track of their patients regardless of location or availability
  • Live updates so clients and caregivers are aware of what is going on at all times
    • “When were meals given? What was included?”
    • “Patient took a walk at 5:55PM”
  • Live video call of loved one/patient
    • Users can get visual affirmation of patient’s health
    • We intend to host web calls using our platform
  • All relevant contact information and current caretaker would be on the front page
    • Miscommunication and lack of reliability are combated by this inclusion

How Does BetterCare Help Multicultural Communities

  • Used translate in order for patients to be able to communicate with caretakers and family
  • Used computer vision
    • Detects emotion and lets caretaker know for efficient assistance
    • Uses movement of face and height in order to detect if the patient is in distress or awake at the wrong times
  • What we plan to integrate
    • Text-to-speech API to help caretakers and patients to communicate and to notify about potential problems
    • Spotify API integration to match emotion for southing clients uniquely with algorithmically picked appropriate music

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