Our project revolves around finding a means to improve the consistency and accuracy of data reported to government agencies and non-profits about infant birth, mortality, and other important information. The cultural environment in many rural Indian communities makes the tracking of maternal and neonatal complications and mortality difficult to do. Because ~40% of children are born at home in many of these areas, these cases are not represented in current data. These mothers have no incentive to report data regarding their infants.

The current way this data is collected by the non-profit research organization Ariadne Labs, is expensive and time-consuming. It involves sending representatives to these birth clinics to read through the written ledgers where birth records are kept and manually enter the data.

We propose to create a simple Android application to be used by the local healthcare workers, ASHAs, who assist in providing women’s health services. The app will prompt the ASHA to check a box corresponding to complications and/or fatalities at birth, 1 week, and 4 weeks after birth. ASHAs are also paid by the government to bring mothers to the birth clinics. The main information tracked will be danger signs at specific checkpoints in the mothers' and infants' childbirth experiences and cases of death. We believe compensating the ASHA to use our data collection app would make the collection of this data simple, consistent, and more accurate than current methods. Eventually, the more data received will allow health facilities to come closer to preventing unexpected maternal and neonatal mortality. GitHub: https://github.com/hellojwilde/idhack

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