Did you know that roughly 95% of traders lose money in trading crypto? Nowadays, you can easily trade crypto in the unregulated market, but do you really know the risks behind it?

What it does

We made a game to analyze real-time data and let you understand the risk behind the fluctuating and unstable market. Either quit the market, or become a better better.

How we built it

The vast majority of the application was front-end heavy, as we utilized the Binance API & used React with TypeScript, alongside Tailwind CSS for styling and Chart.js for the plotting library.

The backend was created with Express, TypeScript + MongoDB for the database.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into various issues, initially we spent far too much time debating what project we should actually build, as we struggled to find the perfect balance between being unique & creative while also being functional.

Later on, we struggled with connecting to MongoDB on our own machines, which doesn't seem like that much of a difficult task but we left this till very late and it is sometimes hard to work under pressure!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of our teamwork - as one of our members has never worked with the rest of us (3 people) and we made everything work! On top of this, while the application is not fully finished, we are proud of what we have built, and we had fun (which is the most important bit!).

What we learned

None of us have ever used an API which acts as an almost observer pattern, with the utilization of WebSockets rather than simply sending a request to the server, which was very unique & enjoyable.

On top of this, we have never used various libraries that we have used today, such as Chart.js which was also a pleasure to use.

What's next for BetterBetter

If given the time, we would like to vastly expand our service, by adding a real-time multiplayer mode, adding various themes to the website & potentially giving the user the ability to add their own tickers! Also, allowing the user to a greater depth of statistics.

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