Recycle Today for a Better Tomorrow! This line has been inspiration for us. To keep the world clean and pollution free, we need to be aware from now today.

What it does

Better World is a waste management project where different types of wastes will be collected by people and will be supplied to different organizations/companies for recycling. In this process customers will be paid for their waste which will keep them happy and motivated and on the other hand companies will get their raw materials in cheaper prices from us. Thereby it will be a win win situation for customers as well as companies. But most importantly a little step towards saving our mother earth.

How we built it

Better World is built with the help of 5 members. We used Pega Platform to build the process and internal database to store the data.

Challenges we ran into

We faced few challenges while integration to different channels due to platform restriction, which can be resolved/implemented in future releases.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Accomplishment is our idea that makes all the stakeholders benefitted as well as it will keep the society clean and free the customers and household people from the management of waste that they are bound to throw away because of no other alternative. Thereby we give them a platform to earn and be proud of themselves that they are giving there contribution in the initiative to make our earth a better place to live on.

What we learned'

We learned that the motive of any project should be meaningful. The benefit from the project is at one side, along with that the welfare of the society is also our responsibility.

What's next for Better World

There is no end to make this world better. We are planning to come with different ideas which includes integration through different channels, using Artificial intelligence, implementing customer decision hub and also using Realtime environment and data base to store real time data We will also be extending this app and collaborate with the NGO's so that they waste that cannot be recycled and if it is of any use to the NGO can be an given to them as free.

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