Advances in technology and computational power has demonstrated to have increased the accuracy of weather forecast. At the same time the market has been opened to more companies that decided to provide information about the weather to the users. We have found that experts in the area, as well as standard users like to go from site to site to contrast the forecast information to determine what would be the most plausible prediction. In order to make this process easier we decided to integrated everything into a single place. Also, having the option to compare each of them one besides the other, it helps to have a better understanding of these predictions.

What it does

It brings the information from four different weather channel APIs into one single place.

How we built it

Most of our time has been spent in learning and working with the APIs. Each of them has created different challenges that we addressed in order to bring them together in one single call and place.

Challenges we ran into

Managing each different API call. Getting back into the building when the doors were locked and nobody was checking the slack channel ^^!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Integrating the APIs Keeping a great team work dynamics

What we learned

To collaborate into achieving a common goal as a team

What's next for Better Weather

Integrate more weather channels with not just information but also weather maps

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