BetterConnected Story


Henry is alone and isolated. Especially during the COVID situation, Henry needs some services (drugstore, grocery and so on).

Unfortunatelly, he has no way to tell easily what he needs (no internet connection, smartphone or computer).

What problem BetterConnected solves ?

Nowadays, connectivity seems to be spread all around the world. But especially during the Covid19 pandemic, too many people need help and are not connected. Therefore, their needs can never be covered by anyone.

BetterConnected provides a solution to bring on real-time isolated people needs to trusted local associations.

BetterConnected : the solution we bring to the table

BetterConnected is an end-to-end Isolated Relationship Management (I.R.M) platform to manage the helping pipeline.

This pipeline begins by providing a BetterConnected Button (B.C.B) to an isolated person. This button does not need any internet connection to work and is directly connected to our platform.

As soon as the button is pressed, the information reaches our platform and is shared with association registered in our system. From that moment, the association can answer to isolated person need.

What we achieved during this week-end ?

  • Mock-ups:

    • iOS application.
    • Web front-office application.
  • Business model:

    • Cost of the BetterConnected Button.
    • Business plan to finance buttons and platform. Hypothesis :
      • From public organizations.
      • Symbolic euro.
      • Crowd-funding campaign.
  • Technical architecture:

    • Front:
      • iOS app.
      • Android app.
      • Angular app.
    • Back:
      • Scalable AWS architecture.
  • End-to-end flow of a user need in our pipeline.

  • Contact with Astree, a french national association recognized for helping isolated people.

    • They approve the need of qualifying isolated people needs by routing to the good structure to deliver the best help.

BetterConnected impact to the crisis

  • Providing link to unconnected people.
  • Providing quick help to isolated people.
  • Keeping a circle of trusted people during the whole process.
  • Securing the process of help.
  • Easily scalable process.

What BetterConnected needs to go further ?

  • Need 4 full-time equivalent during 1 month.

  • Define the pilote strategy by selecting a first region (identify trusted third-party + local association).

  • $10 000 budget to buy the first BetterConnected buttons.

After the crisis, BetterConnected will still have value

The value proposition will still exist after the crisis : isolated people will still exist and still have needs.

During the crisis there are more people available to help and do the routing job.

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