This app is about various brain exercises that we believe are more effective than a coffee to wake up your brain ! You have several categories with various brain tasks. Before each brain task you will be given an instruction.

We tried to design simple but at the same time challenging tasks. Let's have a look at the first example from Memory category. Repeating sequences is quite popular memory game. We prepared our own color-based variant ! And we made quite interesting psychological observation with it: on average user could repeat the sequence of 5 different colors. But when approached with different shades of single color it became way more difficult and the averaged result was just 1.8 ! Check how good can you get !

You can also use this app to measure how fast is your brain by going to "Brain speed" category. There is a simple time reaction test and our own tricky variant with colors changing randomly.

There is also "Logical conclusions" category when you need to select a picture that does not match others as quickly as possible and solve logical riddles. Various quizes require you to think logically and make fast calculations !

The last but not the least - check if both of your brain hemispheres are communicating effectively by playing "Left or right" quiz. Good luck !

This is the first version of the app. In updated version we will definitely add more types of cool exercises !

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