Better Safe than sorry (Better Safe) is a multi-tool for whenever you feel unsafe out and about

What it does

Better Safe is an multi functional app for anyone who ventures outside If you are feeling unsafe after a meeting a date for the first time, or struggling to find a place of safety, Better Safe has got you covered

How we built it

The App is built with the expo toolkit on react-native framework We chose this front-end stack as it aloud us to learn new technologies that we had not worked with before We also chose to use the firebase platform for out back-end as that was simple to set up given the time constraints

Challenges we ran into

Time, Complexity, Fatiuge and lots of coffee

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It a small amount of time, with limited resources we have created an extensible platform which can be adapted with little friction to many other need and an idea that can be extended to much greater heights.

What we learned

The importance of teamwork, A new Language, Patience, Business Skills

What's next for Better Safe

We intend on developing the platform further, to a point where we can approach venues and charities for tighter integrations and sustainable business model.

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