Our hack was inspired by CANSOFCOM's "Help Build a Better Quantum Computer Using Orqestra-quantum library". Our team was interested in exploring quantum computing so it was a natural step to choose this challenge.

What it does

We implemented a Zapata QuantumBackend called PauliSandwichBackend to perform Pauli sandwiching on a given gate in a circuit. This decreases noise in near-term quantum computers and returns a new circuit with this decreased noise. It will then run this new circuit with a given backend.

How we built it

Using python we built upon the Zapata QuantumBackend API. Using advanced math and quantum theory to build an algorithms dedicated to lessening the noise and removing error from quantum computing. We implanted a new error migration technique with Pauli Sandwiching

Challenges we ran into

We found it challenging to find clear documentation on the subject of quantum computing. Between the new API and for the most of us a first time experience with quantum theory we had to delicate a large chunk of our time on research and trial and error.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud of the fact we were able to get so far into a very niche section of computer science. While we did not have much experience we have jump a new experience that a very small group of people actually get work with.

What we learned

We learned much about facing unfamiliar ground. While we have a strong background in code and math we did run into many challenge trying to understand quantum physics. Not only did this open a new software to us it was a great experience to be put back into the unknown with logic we were unfamiliar with it

What's next for Better Quantum Computer

We hope to push forward our new knowledge on quantum computers to develop not only this algorithm, but many to come as quantum computing is such an unstable and untap resource at this time

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