We came into VandyHacks with a completely different idea in mind than the one we decided to work on this weekend. We had already created mock-ups and mapped out how we were going to complete our project. All of this changed when we listened to Fulcrum GT give their presentation during the opening ceremony on Friday. We were motivated by the speaker and decided to change our idea and create something that we thought could be beneficial to society down to a single person.

What it does

Our app is all about self-improvement. Getting people out of their comfort zone and challenging them. It's something that will keep the user accountable in their quest for self-growth.

The user receives a goal to complete everyday, and if they fail, the app prompts the user if they would like to donate a small amount (or however much they want) to charity. The prompt can be turned off in settings to prevent it from annoying the user. The idea of this is to encourage the user to complete their goal, but if they fail, they are still doing a kind act by donating to charity even if it is a small amount.

How we built it

We split up into different jobs and researched different problems that we had to overcome and came together to help each other with the issues. We had two members working the front-end and two members working back-end. We also went around the event and asked other students for their input on how they thought we could make our app better, but also some ideas for daily goals that we could include in our app.

Challenges we ran into

We had issues trying to implement random database connectivity, version control issues, and a few issues dealing with the UI.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Starting from scratch to build an app after changing our idea Friday. It was a great experience as first and second-time hackers. Also, very proud of our UI which we put much effort into.

What we learned

We all learned a substantial amount of Android Studio since this is all of our first times' coding in it. We also learned how to handle XML proficiently along with handling API's.

What's next for Better Me

  • Charity Donation Feature
  • Motion graphics
  • Fluid animations w/ buttons and transitions
  • Swipe up on home page to get to achievement page
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