Our team realized after our many 12 AM trips to Whataburger that our hearts were about to be clogged with delicious tons of artificial flavors, processed meats, vegetables that are not free range, non-organic fruits that are grown in a basement that have never seen sunlight, and drinks which had a year worth of sugar. Not only that, we were spending huge amounts of money for food that was unhealthy and caused our belly to distend.

What it does

It's your personal spending manager for everything food related. We help recommend recipes (that are curated from how you spend at restaurants) that wane you off of eating out every other day.

How we built it

By playing lots of typeracer to improve our keyboarding skills (100 WPM leggo)

Challenges we ran into

Creating routes for the data to the API, not very informative schemas, frozen toes, spontaneous typer races, failing at cup stacking.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Toasty the Buttery Toast BestLogo

What we learned

  • Cute logos are the easiest to make slogans around
  • Punctuation is the devil for typeracer and so is capitalization

What's next for Better Eat$

Building out our future features such as including:

  • recipe times
  • integration with Amazon Fresh
  • curate a Yelp list of healthier restaurant alternatives
  • tie in rewards to promote healthier eating habits
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