Better Drivers is a connected car platform where our hardware and device application shall help the drivers to drive safely and the web portal allows users to track their safety score and see the scores of other club members.

Car hardware and device app

  • Omron sensor based device that tracks driver emotions, driver distractions and alerts them via multiple notification system.
  • Android app (ODB connectivity) to detect the vehicle safety parameters and send the data to the cloud.

Web Portal (

  • Members can see their driving score, the places where they got distracted at what time and also the speed.
  • Members can see their team's driving score.

Target users

  • Any users who care about their driving safety.
  • Cab/taxi owners (Uber, Lyft etc) can use this information and give incentives to their drivers for good driving scores.
  • Insurance and car rental providers can provide lower premium to safe drivers, and that motivates users to have better score.
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