Better Choice

Problems We are Challenging:

  • Information regarding local politics is not readily available
  • Politics are very polarized today and people vote on one side of the ballot without considering the other
  • Some people choose not not vote at all due to misconceptions


  • Only one in four people can name all three branches of the government (1)
  • Only one in three people can name any branch of the government (1)
  • In 2016 in North Carolina, the turnout percentage for the Primary Election was 35.69% (2)

Our Solution:

  • Create an app and website to make non polarized political information regarding local or global politics readily available and increase voter turnout
  • Make voters, especially millennials, more informed by providing a platform for information about local politics on their ballots based on location

What Our Product Does:

  • Educates citizens
  • Mobilizes voters and gives people reasons to vote
  • Decreases bias when voting-- we purposefully do not include political parties in order to reduce bias
  • Provide users with the information they need to make informed voting decisions
  • Work with candidates, campaigns, communities, nonpartisan political groups to gather accurate data


Home Tab:

  • Presents an interactive map that goes to the desired location (defaults to current location) and displays icons of all candidates running locally
  • Clicking on a specific candidate provides quick facts and relevant threads
  • Have the option to "match" with a candidate and see how comparable you are with their ideas and stances

Quizzes Tab:

  • Take quizzes in order to discover your stances on political issues
  • Learn which candidate shares the most political stances as you

Threads Tab:

  • Share accurate data through articles regarding local politics that can be posted by candidates, campaign projects, local communities, or nonpartisan political groups
  • Comment and share thoughts regarding these posts
  • Save articles to your profile

General Education Tab:

  • Provides users with information regarding relevant political terms including a "Term of the Day"
  • Search feature

Profile Tab:

  • Displays a calendar based on the chosen location with all relevant dates including voter registration deadlines and voting periods
  • Displays the user's political preferences
  • Displays liked people and saved
  • Displays saved articles

(1) According to a poll from the University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg Public Policy Center, 2017

(2) According to North Carolina State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement

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