We sought to create a Decentralized Autonomous Organization to bring local citizens together and pool money for the goal of improving community engagement. We are developing a platform that can be used to organize events like cleaning up the neighborhood or parties or whatever it might be. So for example someone who wants to plants trees at a park can request money from the pool for tools and etc, then our platform, which runs on a democratic vote system, can automatically issue them money if they have enough community support. Each member has a different level of voting power (called reputation) depending on how active they are in the platform. The democratic nature of a DAO facilitates much more inclusive (and instantaneous) participatory decision-making, something that is lacking in the status quo community boards today.

What it does

The DAO is open to citizens of the community to join, request reputation, and contribute towards decisions of how the DAO's founds are spent. Our mission behind the project is to mobilize individuals who felt like they couldn't previously pursue large-scale efforts in their community. For instance, maybe they wanted to host a book drive or street clean-up event, but did not have the finances nor the logistical capacity to coordinate the event as a single individual. Our dApp would allow them to make a proposal for the event and request a certain amount of ETH associated with it, so that if the proposal passes, that ETH could be put towards equipment or supplies necessary to fund the event.

How We Built It

We built the front-end as a React App as that is what we have the most prior experience in. We take strong pride in the elegant UI that is provided to users when they first join the sight. The driving factor of our application is that we wanted it to be accessible to community members who have never made contact with the blockchain world.

How We Could Utilize The Grant

The ultimate projection for Better Brooklyn would be to have a self-sustainable organization that allows community funds to be circulated among the various local projects. However, to start with, the DAO would have to be built upon an initial capital to which we could demonstrate proof of concept.

What's Next For Better Brooklyn DAO

While we are particulary proud of what we are able to walk away with, we do not intend to stop at this hacakthon. This weekend has been a rewarding experience that we hope to take off into a lasting organization. Along with this, comes a few goals for the future of Better Brooklyn. For instance, we would like to approach our local Business-Improvement-Districts for additional funding.

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